The First Muuvr Event: Kickstarting a New Era in Sports Technology

On June 15th, nestled in the heart of Zurich at Trust Square Paradeplatz, a unique event will mark a new chapter in the world of sports technology. The inaugural Muuvr event will be a meeting of minds, a confluence of innovation and a showcase of pioneering sports tech .

Inspiring Opening

Michael Hartweg, the CEO and co-founder of Muuvr, will be the first to take the stage, he will bring to life the narrative of Muuvr, mapping its evolution from an idea born of ambition and ingenuity to a transformative sports technology start-up. 

Delving into the Tech

Evan Tomlin, CTO and co-founder will follow, delving into the technology that powers Muuvr. Detailing the nuts and bolts of Muuvr’s tech stack, showcasing how it’s primed to redefine connections across the sports ecosystem.

Marketing the Muuvment

James Vickers, CMO will present an intriguing glimpse into Muuvr’s marketing strategy, centred around userbase growth via strategic partnerships and network effects. James will unveil the Athlete Journey Manager – a brand dashboard set to enhance user experience significantly and offer brands a novel way to deliver relevant, personalised content.

Deciphering Tokenomics and Opportunities

Rounding up the presentations will be co-founder and investment opportunities and tokenomics expert, Claus Hilpold. Claus will explain how Muuvr presents exciting avenues for potential investors, giving insight into the tokenomics and business model.

Engaging Panel Discussion

Following the presentations, there will be a vibrant panel discussion featuring distinguished athletes and brand representatives. The collective dialogue about their anticipated evolution with Muuvr, and the role they envision playing in motivating individuals to lead healthier, more active lives.

Closing the Evening

The event will conclude with an interview with three times Swiss National Ironman Champion Jan Van Berkel as he shares details of his retirement and his preparations for the final season.

Keep an eye out for more updates from Muuvr as they continue their journey in redefining the sports technology landscape. A wave is being set in motion, and it’s time to join the Muuvment!

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