Beta Testing for Muuvr: Help Shape the Future of Fitness Tracking


Muuvr is a new app for endurance sports athletes, it tracks your activity and motivates you to train more with rewards and community challenges.

We’re still early in our development process meaning you have the opportunity to help shape what the app looks like by joining the Muuvr beta test team.

In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of what beta testing is and explain why it’s so important for our success.

We will also give you all the information you need to sign up for our beta testing program and start making your mark on Muuvr’s development.


Why Beta Testing is Important for Muuvr

Beta testing is an important part of our development process. By inviting users to use the app before we launch, we get valuable feedback on the experience. This enables us to make improvements that make Muuvr better for everyone.

It also allows us to identify and fix bugs and glitches in the app before it is released to the public.

Benefits of participating in beta testing

Participating in beta testing can be a great way for you to get early access to new features and functionality. It also allows users to be a part of the development process and to have a say in how the app evolves over time.

Although we have not yet defined how, we also want to reward beta testers to benefit from their work. We will consider ways to reward them with EXP, status upgrades, Muuvs and all other manner of rewards.


Beta testing is an essential part of Muuvr’s development process. By allowing real users to test the app and provide feedback, we can identify and fix bugs, improve functionality and features, and ensure that Muuvr is meeting the needs of our users.

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